Conserto de chave

conserto de chaves em são paulo

Consertamos todas fechaduras eletrônicas ou mecânicas.

Confecção de chaves e troca de segredo, unificação de fechaduras, instalações e fechaduras automotivas de todas as marcas com sistema de transponder.

Instalação de travas de segurança, fechaduras de todos os modelos, molas aéreas, olho mágico, cadeados e travas para portas de aço.

Confeccionamos também a sua chave a partir do miolo da própria fechadura em padrão de unificação.

Chaveiro São Francisco de São Paulo capital presta vários serviços como:

Aberturas de portas
Conserto de Chaves e cópias
Chaveiro Troca de segredos de fechaduras
Chaveiro Abertura de cofres
Chaveiro Confecções de chaves
Chaveiro Fechaduras de alta segurança
Chaveiro Fechaduras elétricas
Chaveiro Mola de retorno

Onde tem chaveiro em São Paulo? Ligue: 11-3819-4327

Em busca de um chaveiro? Ligue: 11-3819-4327

Para estrangeiros visitante no Brazil a procura de chaveiro para carros e veículos automotores:

The key stopped working, now what?

We received with frequency, numerous vehicles instances where problems are similar, such as:

“The key stopped working”, “lost the key code, decoded”, “the customer just hung up the battery and the key no longer works,” etc.

A while ago, any problems that were to occur in key with remote control, they were condemned.

Today we have a highly equipped laboratory with the latest technology, maintenance and repair of encoded keys and remote control of all makes and models. Thus the client saves more than 50% to maintain the originality of operating keys.

What you need to know about your coded key:

In the event of key loss, to play a new copy of my car need a password?
It can make direct link in my car?

When I go traveling, how can I prevent me not to stay in the hand if I lose the key?

If my key be close to consumer electronics and mobile phones, it can deprogram?
I do key copy of my car anywhere?

As you know the technology, especially electronic advances in an increasingly fast speed. And to be always updated our team closely follows the latest automotive releases regarding the keys, immobilizers, modules and transponders to place at your disposal the most aulto technical knowledge.

Broke the lock on my car, I have to replace all cylinders set or get another key to open the driver’s door?

Unfortunately this is a problem that has already become quite common in our country. But no need to replace the entire set of cylinders and not only stay with another key to open the lock replaced.

We have a team of highly trained professionals to run perfectly with the most diverse services in automotive locks and keys.

This way you can save up to 70% just by changing the damaged cylinder and keeping the originality of your car.

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